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Treat Me Like an Animal Collection: Three Stori...
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This selected collection has three unique stories of steamy roleplaying for the untamed and carnal listener. Treat Me Like a Pony - The bridle, the bit, the spurs, and the riding crop. Paige learns that the everyday tools that a cowboy uses to control his pony can be used for other things, too, when she takes a detour out of the city and meets a young farmhand named Heath. Hunt Me Like a Fox - Cold and exposed to the Oregon forest, Fionna Guarascio is being hunted by her boyfriend so she can experience what it is like to be preyed upon. Armed with a paintball gun to mark his trophy, Garrett McKenna tracks her like a true hunter on the trail. Treat Me Like a Kitty - Luna Barnes knew there was something special about her new boyfriend Jan-Michael Murphy from the day she met him. She never would have guessed what he would ask her to do one night: to act like a kitten for him. It seemed like such a simple request, but she had no idea exactly what it would entail...until she found herself wearing a little pink collar with a bell. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Cheyanne Humble. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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