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Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids
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A stunning collection of easy-to-achieve novelty cakes for children and tweens from the internationally renowned cake decorator. Simply Perfect Party Cakes for Kids features easy-to-follow, step-by-step photography that shows you in detail how to create and build each of Zoe Clark's cake designs. And with her tried and tested cake recipes, you will soon be making amazing party cakes at home that you'll be proud to show off! The cake designs include a baby elephant, a 3-D toy box cake, an enchanted garden design, and a circus-inspired cake for younger children, as well as a surfing cake, paintball cake, and makeup cake for older kids. 'Clark does an incredible job breaking down every single step, and shows the reader a bunch of little 'short cuts' that are the key to giving you a polished looking finished cake.' -Kitchen Trials 'Includes a dozen cakes (and some cupcakes and cookies) with detailed instructions and gorgeous photos . . . There is definitely something to please everyone. Simply Perfect Cakes is simply perfect!' -Munchkin Munchies

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